Parenting the Lean Way

Business Inspired Solutions for Empowering the Family


What is Parenting the Lean Way?

We can all use additional tools and skills in our Parenting Toolbox,
Businesses have the relevant soft-skill training that can benefit our families.
The Lean Way provides you with the tools you need to continuously improve your home.

Engaging Stories

The book is full of stories that show you both the lighter side of parenting, but also practical application of how to use Lean tools.

Visual Management

One element of Lean is how to use visual management to create accountability in your family. These ideas will change the way you think, and more importantly, how you act.

Parenting Worksheets

They are available as a high-resolution document you can use to help transform your family. These Lean tools will make a difference in your home.
Get the Worksheet Templates Here.

Watch the Book Kickoff Video

We start off as parents as amateurs.
How can we step up our parenting game
and move from amateur to professional status?

What Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Throughout this book, you can learn how to use Lean tools to transform your family for the better! The GATES framework will help you achieve that transformation as you learn how to:

  • Improve Communication through the Power of Visual Management
  • Establish Accountability and Clarity to Reduce Nagging and Arguing
  • Empower Your Children to be Responsible for Their Actions
  • Identify Root Causes of Problems to Solve Them Permanently
  • Continuously Improve as a Family to Reduce Daily Stress
  • Establish Family Values and Create a Family Brand
  • Grow Closer as a Family and Help Everyone Feel Valued and Heard
  • And many more things...

About the Author

Jared E. Thatcher

Jared E. Thatcher

Author & World's Leading Lean Parenting Expert

Together with his wife, they are parents of four children ranging in age from almost 18 to almost four months old. Jared is the world’s leading expert on Lean Parenting, and his advice and business parenting tools are used by parents in over 120 countries. A management consultant by trade, Jared specializes in continuous improvement and has worked for and consulted with fortune 500 companies, like Nike, Daimler and others, but enjoys working with families best of all.


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